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Earning Money with
MyCaravanConnect.com Mall is
Easy and Fun!

  • Shop and save at over 2,500 of the nation's leading online retailers.
  • Receive exclusive sales, special offers and CashBack on every purchase.
  • Invite your family and friends to do the same.
  • Earn Money when your friends shop, and their friends, and so on for seven generation below you.

Think of the last time you saw a free opportunity to earn money with absolutely no negatives or risks. This is what makes earning money with MyCaravanConnect.com Mall is a No Brainer!

Most everyone loves a good deal or big savings, and almost everyone would love some extra cash. At MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, we bring these worlds together for you.

Getting Started!

It's easy to Shop Save Earn & Money. All you have to do is shop in your mall and then refer your friends and family to become a part of your MyCaravanConnect.com Mall Community and do the same. As they shop and save through their own MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, you will also receive extra CashBack from their purchases too. It's that simple!

Building Your Family Tree

Now that you have become a member of MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, it's time to spread the word and the benefits. Start by inviting your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers to join MyCaravanConnect.com Mall (it is always free for everyone). As soon as they do, they are automatically added to your personal community, plus placed as children in the first generation of your Family Tree.

In life, you marry and have children; then your children have children; and hopefully their children have children. Ultimately, there are dozens of family members in your family tree, all descending from you. Your MyCaravanConnect.com Mall community is built the same way; only much faster. You invite your friends (your children); who invite their friends (your grandchildren); and so on.

Once your Family Tree starts to grow; so will your revenue. The amount you earn depends on how many people you refer and how much CashBack they generate for themselves from their purchases.

Your Family Tree earnings will flow to you from four-generation levels that build under you (see image to the right).

How Your Family Tree Generates Money for You

There are only two simple requirements for making your Family Tree large and prosperous:

  • Grow your family
  • Shop and Save through your site

Everyone who uses MyCaravanConnect.com Mall will benefit from the exclusive savings and special offers from our merchants. This is why it is so simply to build your Family Tree. Remember, there are no fees or dues to be a part of MyCaravanConnect.com Mall.

If each member generates just $2.50 per month in personal CashBack dollars for themselves, your Family Tree will be very successful and you and your family will prosper.

Where does the Family Tree revenue come from?

Every time someone in the first four generational levels of your family tree shops and earn CashBack dollars, an equal amount of dollars are put into a generational pool from which you share. You are paid a different percentage of each dollar placed in the pool based on which level the person who shopped appears in your family tree.

The box to the right of the pool below illustrates what percentage of every dollar contributed to the pool you will receive based on which of your four generational levels that shopping occurred.

Now, let's see how just $2.50 in CashBack builds a very profitable Family Tree. We can all agree that $2.50 per month is NOT a lot of money, so how can it build a profitable Family Tree? Let's take a look.

Suppose you invite seven of your friends and family to join MyCaravanConnect.com Mall; this will add seven 'children' to your family tree. In turn, as each of those people (your children) invite seven of their friends to join MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, they will all be added to your family tree as grandchildren (2nd generation). Obviously, since everyone saves money through MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, plus earns CashBack on everything they buy, this will continue to develop as friends invite their friends to also enjoy the benefits.

Now for the exciting part: as shown above, MyCaravanConnect.com Mall will pay you an additional cash bonus of 40% on every dollar paid in CashBack dollars to your children (1st generation); you will also earn an additional 10% on all CashBack paid out on each of the second and third generations (your grandchildren and great grandchildren). Your CashBack bonus will then increase back up to 40% on your 4th generation where you will have the greatest number of people in any generation.

The illustration below shows what your family tree would look like at the end of the fourth generation if each family member only invited seven of their friends and family to join MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, and everyone only averaged $2.50 in personal CashBack dollars a month:

From just inviting 7 friends and family members to enjoy the benefits of MyCaravanConnect.com Mall, you could generate a substantial amount of additional monthly revenue for doing just about nothing.

* This illustrations is being presented for illustrative purposes only and not as a projection of income.

Now imagine if you invited ten, twenty or more people to enjoy the unique benefits of MyCaravanConnect.com Mall?

While this may seem unbelievable, this is the true effect of viral marketing; it is exactly what you read about occurring when websites go viral.

With your help, MyCaravanConnect.com Mall is primed to become one of the next big viral communities because of its tremendous benefits and the fact that everyone wins and nobody loses. There is no selling anything to anybody, in fact, nobody could write a check to be a part of MyCaravanConnect.com Mall if they wanted to. In fact, the worst thing that can happen is if someone never invites any friends to join MyCaravanConnect.com Mall and therefore only gets to save money and earn CashBack on their personal purchases.

Welcome to our MyCaravanConnect.com family!